Abdülkadir ŞAHAN

Abdülkadir ŞAHAN has worked for Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasury, Directorate General of Insurance, as Treasury Expert following his graduation from İstanbul University Faculty of Law. He performed duties related to preparation of insurance legislation, supervision of M&A processes and approval of the new insurance products of insurance companies. He also conducted studies on environment and marine insurances and submitted an expertise thesis on “Marine Insurance and P&I Practices in Turkey”.

He won a EU Jean Monnet Scholarship and attended to the LL.M Programme of London City University in the field of “International Trade Law”. He took LL.M degree by submitting a dissertation on “Comparison of the Merger Remedies under the, US, EU and Turkish Merger Control Systems”.

Abdülkadir advises insurance companies, private pension companies, brokers, agents and public authorities in all kind of insurance related issues as well as corporate law and competition law.